Back in Action at the Rumble House, April 8


It was great to be back at the Rumble House to host the weekly Wednesday night Live Art Rumble and Auction. If you’ve never been down to either the old Gorilla House Gallery or Rumble House, the action starts at 7:00 PM with the random selection of the Three Items of Inspiration. Visiting artists are allowed to pick any or all of the nightly themes to incorporate into their work over the next two hours and I can tell you, sometimes they stretch all manner of credulity, but that just makes it even more fun to watch! The auction then starts at 9:00 PM – artists pick their own minimum bids, occasionally as low as $5, though many works do not stay there for long…

A Rumble House Poster showing some of the more recent cast of characters.


1512460_10152694755867007_2684558500255759828_n              11150259_10152694771587007_1704679939993931724_n

Current Exhibitions:

Lost in Translation Tree                                                                                    Attention

Joel Manea                                                                                             Christina Lavigne

acrylic and woodcut                                                                            mixed media on canvas


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