Disrupting the Dominant Voice of Travel Writing – Bani Amor

After I posted about a current work-in-progress featuring backpackers in Europe, travel writer Bani Amor passed through this digital space. Over successive drafts of this manuscript I am wrestling with some of the same issues that Bani raises on her own blog, Everywhere All of the Time, in an interview with Cape Town-based poet and […]


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The Horse Always Gets It First

I’m happy to announce that my short story “Dinner in Carcosa” will be appearing in the upcoming Coffin Hop Press anthology Tall Tales of the Weird West: The Horse Always Gets It First, a collection of wild west yarns that tip the hat to primordial chthonic prairie madness. “Dinner in Carcosa” features a young insurance […]

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Better known to many as Bassano del Grappa, former host and auctioneer of Calgary’s famed Gorilla House Art Gallery, Coffee and Blarney is home for my written words.

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