Bassano del Grappa Returns to the Rumble House

Iphone - the Wenzel years 1878 On Wednesday, April 8th, I’ll be doing the first of two nights hosting the live auctions at the Rumble House and I’m very excited to be heading back.

The Gorilla House Art Gallery was my home away from home, right up until it closed it’s doors in December of 2013. When the gallery was reborn as the Rumble House a few months ago, I was able to host the inaugural Live Art Wednesday and Auction, but so far this year I’ve been too busy getting “Dinner In Carcosa” ready for the Tall Tales of the Weird West anthology and a couple of upcoming projects, to return. However, now that Tall Tales has shipped (you can order them here), I’ve got some evenings free again.

So if you’re keeping track:

Wednesday, April 8 – Rumble House

Wednesday, April 15 – Rumble House

Thursday, April 16 – Owl’s Nest Books for the Official Tales of the Weird West Book Launch

Here’s a clip from the last Rumble House Art Battle:


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