September Happenings

IMG_0032.JPGWow, September was a busy month.

A piece I wrote back in the spring about my years as a Stampede Park parking lot attendant made the CBC Creative Non-fiction Longlist. I submitted something last year and didn’t make it past the first round, so improvement is always good. Next year, the Short List!

This was followed up with a short poem I wrote for the Rumble House Art Gallery, entitled “Beyond The Rumble’s Edge”. At some point, the fine folks over at the Rumble House had become involved in an experiment to send original art into outer space to see what, if any, effect will be discovered on its return. At the last minute, Rich Theroux (who also painted the above picture of me in July when I hosted the Fifth Anniversary of the Rumble/Gorilla House) asked me to bang something out on a typewriter they had hidden in one of the gallery backrooms.

Weather delayed the initial satellite launch and the general clamor of my daily life obscured the second attempt, but eventually, everything came back to Earth and the organizers documented it in a book, RumbelSat. We had the big release party this afternoon and the exhibit (and my poem) will be touring Canada over the next couple of months.

Feel free to drop me a line if it comes to your town.



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