img_6869With National Novel Writing Month well under way, I’m wishing everyone the best of luck with their endeavors. Having recently finished a piece for the CBC Short Story Competition and still doing a bit of research for my next big project, I am ill-prepared to participate in NaNoWriMo this year. However, I do love the discipline and rigor brought about by the (arbitrary) deadline of the competition, so have vowed to finish off a little side project that I started during my time at the Humber School for Writers.

I like to write or edit every day but throughout my writing courses, I would periodically find myself going a week or two waiting on feedback for my novel and unable (or perhaps unwilling) to make progress. Not wanting to lose the rhythm and discipline that comes with writing every day, I started adapting one of my favorite novellas into something set in a more contemporary setting. I didn’t manage to complete the project before finishing at Humber, but it seems like a worthy goal for November all the same.

Good luck to everyone!


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